Lead generation

How: We use the internet to contact people in the following ways: Cold calling, email marketing, discounts promotion, facebook ads and high value content creation.

Why: To find new buyers for our clients’ products and services, this is how we work as a team with them to increase their market share.

We generate new business opportunities, mainly using the internet to contact new people. We do cold calling, email marketing, discounts promotion, Social Media Ads and we create high-value content. This way we find potential buyers for the products and services offered by our clients, as work as a team, with one goal: To increase their market share and profit.


What: We provide virtual assistance, trained assistants to solve any situation they encounter.

How: We hire the best human talent we can find in the market with a high command of English and we develop them both personally and professionally. By being interested in improving your life as a human being, we ensure that your performance as an employee and servant of our clients is of the best possible quality.

Why: To consolidate ourselves as a fundamental and strategic part in the organization of our clients, providing qualified virtual assistants committed to the specific needs of the companies that hire us.

We provide comprehensive virtual assistance. Our assistants have been trained to solve any situation that arises. We achieve this by hiring the best talent available in the job market (with English proficiency) and then developing them both personally and professionally. 

Luxury Yachts Brokerage

What: We charter the best yachts in Miami

How: We have business ties with the owners of the sexiest yachts in Miami, so we can negotiate with them and make a wide variety of yachts available for you.

Why: So that you can have access to these marvels of engineering and you can enjoy a few hours aboard these ships, whether you want to celebrate a birthday, business meetings and / or any event that pleases you, we will put at your disposal the best yachts in the city of Miami.

We rent the best yachts in Miami. Our commercial ties with the owners of the sexiest yachts in the city, allow us to have them available for you. So you can live unforgettable and luxurious experiences aboard these marvels of engineering while celebrating any type of event you want: Birthdays, business meetings or just taking a ride and feeling like a millionaire.


First, we meet with our clients, who provide us with «The buyer persona», their buyer profile, and because they already have sold their products and services to their customers, they already generated a database of those who have bought from them.  That is our starting point, we use different tools and methods to acquire new buyers for our clients, for example Facebook Ads, a platform that allows us to be very specific in the segmentation of the people we want to reach.  Using the information provided by our clients, we can put ourselves in front of the right people, awaken their interest and purchase intention, so that we generate new leads and business opportunities for our clients.

In the corporate world, as the duties of executives increase, they find the necessity of an assistant, to whom they can delegate certain activities and occupations that are not their main job, but nevertheless it is an important part of the altogether.  The assistant will be in charge of carrying out the functions that their boss requires delegating, it is a very customized process since the needs of each executive vary, however they are similar since all businesses and companies have a base in  common with which everyone must comply, such as: accounting, paying the bills and utilities, the executive’s agenda, meetings with suppliers and clients and hiring new personnel, among others.  Again, it all depends on the needs of the executive and the company, but an assistant will always be a great support since he or she frees the executive from certain delegable functions, which allows him to focus completely on his main function, ensuring the success of his company.

Ms. Modi has a store that sells clothes on instagram.  She started doing everything, she was the only employee of her business and as it grew and succeeded, she was saturated with work, it seemed that it was too much for her and she could no longer handle everything on her own.  That is why she decided to analyze all the functions that she performed in order to identify which were her core functions that she had to perform to ensure the success of her business and which activities were delegable.  When she was clear about it, she hired a virtual assistant.  It was the best decision since now Ms. Modi can focus on what she knows and does best, design the garments, photograph them, post them on Instagram and sell them, while her assistant takes care of her agenda, meetings with suppliers and clients, pays the bills and performs any other activities that Ms. Modi needs to address while avoiding blurring her core work.  Now Ms. Modi generates employment and her sales are better than ever, as well as her IG store and she’s happier doing what she is passionate about.  Best of all, she does not need to have her assistant 24/7 next to her, since she’s reachable at any moment through her smartphone.

Mr. Cars is the owner of a car dealership.  His company has been in the market for years and has grown year after year.  The more his company grows, the more personnel he needs to cover all the activities that ensure the success of his company.  Mr. Cars likes to stay active and be in charge of his company, however he has reached a point where he is very full of work and no longer enjoys being the manager of his company as much as he did before, and his family constantly claims that he is absent because of his work.  For these reasons, Mr. Cars decided to hire a virtual assistant, someone who, working from his home, could take over a part of Mr. Cars’ functions, such as his agenda, his to do list, his meetings, his children’s presentations and important family activities, everything is under control, he will no longer forget anything due to his work because his assistant supports him managing his time and activities.  Mr. Cars has found the perfect balance between his company and his family, at the same time that he has increased his performance in both areas, the company has increased its sales and his family is happy to have him more time with them.

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